Who is Everett Bradbury Rich?

Everett Bradbury Rich was born August 24, 1916, in Lyme Center. He was the son of John S. and Ida (King) Rich. Everett attended the King School, Academy Hall, and Hanover High School where he graduated in 1934. On December 26, 1942, he married Verna W. Simmons, his wife for 57 years.

Everett and his brother Roger Rich took over the family run business, The Rich Brothers store, when their father passed away at 47. They worked hard in the store together until, Everett enlisted into the army at the beginning of the Second World War, where he served for 4 years and 5 months. When Everett returned from the war with his wife Verna, he and Roger again worked together at the store. They began downsizing the store in 1965 and soon Roger was running both a downsized store and the post office until he retired in 1974 and moved to Florida.

In 1955, against most of his friends advice, Everett started an Insurance Agency in Lyme Center. He started the business in his home, from these humble beginning's the business began to grow. The first few years were hard in the area, but word of Everett's service and reputation quickly spread and customers began to come from local towns, miles away. In 1965, Everett moved the agency into the store building.

1969 brought a change to the Agency, and a smile to Everett's face. Brian, Everett's son began working at the Insurance Agency, following in his fathers footsteps. Soon another change came to Everett's life in 1979, his first of three grandchildren was born. In 1980, Everett left the Insurance Business to spend more time with his grandchildren. This also gave Everett time to spend more time in the wild, and work on his property at his home in Lyme. He lived to see the birth of his great granddaughter, Alexis Winona Rich, the fifth generation of the Rich family to live in Lyme.

In August of 2001, the third generation following in Everett's footsteps began work at the Insurance Agency. Aaron, Everett's grandson returned home after college and began work at the agency, something Everett had always hoped would happen.

Everett not only was involved in the community as an insurance agent, he also held many town positions over the years. He spent 30 years on the budget commitee, 25 years as a chairman, 13 years as the town and school moderator, was the trustee of trust funds, and the supervisor of the checklist. For 40 years he also was a charter member and loyal supporter of the Lyme Historians. Everett was known by all of Lyme's native's, as one way or another he had touched their lives. Whether it was the way he handled an insurance claim above their expectations, his frequent quick smiles, his constant community support (from little league games to high school basketball games), and his kind words.

Everett will be remembered to those who knew him as a man whose integrity, respect for others, hard work, and devotion to his family and community were second to none.

He will be missed by us all...

Everett Bradbury Rich

Picture from "We Had Each Other," a spoken history of Lyme, New Hampshire

Everett Rich

Everett Rich